How Has The Evolution Of Rap Changed DJ Music?

How Has The Evolution Of Rap Changed Music?

The evolution of rap has gone from simple times to how it is today. When it once was a little more about making what you could with very little, now it has a lot more to do with how much someone has. It’s interesting to check out the different types of rap and what was good about them.


The way rap started was in a place of a simpler time. Taking pieces of different kinds of music to make beats and then rapping over it all. This gave way to people using machines and computer programs eventually, but at first it was basically just a couple of turntables a Kitchener DJ would use with someone else that was the rapper. Nowadays you have people that make music quickly and without having to piece together that much because a lot of it can be automated quite fast.

hippie-DJThe start of rap seemed to be more about the struggles people were going through. There are still rappers that cover that, but for the most part they try to now glorify the bad things they do in rap. There are people that will take a struggle and make it into an epic album, and others that will make it their goal to celebrate the excess that comes with their lifestyle. Other rappers have covered being in a gang, and some just want to make music that people can listen to in a club. Every rapper belongs to a certain genre and tries to fit into an image they create like any other artist.

Every area of the world has its own kind of rap for the most part. For instance, there are different eras of rap that have come out of the south. East coast versus west coast rivalries were in the past but you can still hear the influence of that time in most music from either area of the country. If you want to find out more about the eras, check out a top 100 list of every year and you’ll see that a lot has changed.

Say what you will about it, but rap music is probably one of the best genres out there if you combine all of the eras.

The evolution or rap is not over yet and there are always going to be innovators whether you like the music or not!

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